Your Story. Your Words. Your Voice.

The authenticity of this video comes from the fact that the story is being told by you. We’ll get your story on video or audio either at our studio or we can come to you. This is the “gathering” stage for us to get to know your personality and your “voice”.

I've read enough...Let's get started!

We bring it to life

Once we have your audio/video footage we’ll edit your story to make it flow. We’ll create the characters (you) and the elements that will go into your video along with a storyboard for your review. Once you have approved the look, feel and flow the process animation process begins.

I've read enough...Let's get started!

Your Animated Love Story is Delivered

The entire process will take us 2-3 weeks. Once the video is completed, it will be deliver as a Hi Definition MP4 for you to download. You will now be ready to be share your animated love story with the world.

I've read enough...Let's get started!

You’ll tell your story and we’ll bring your words to life using animation!

Why Animation?

How did you feel after your first kiss? Maybe you felt like you were floating on a cloud. With animation, we can go there and beyond. Animation offers endless possibilities.

Using animation and your voice, your video will be a personal account of your memories. It is our job to make your memories come to life though our animated story telling process.

Another upside, you will likely be the first couple in your group of friends and invited guests to have your story told in this way :).

Your wedding day is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Our goal is to compliment your very special day. Taking the plunge to make this video is a big commitment from you and from us. If you are ready to take the next step, click the button on this page and let’s move forward.

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