Animated Love Stories

Love is a funny thing, it is unique to each individual and situation. Love stories are one of a kind and can be found everywhere and with just about everyone. At Animated Love Stories we capture the true emotion of the person telling the story and through animation, we bring the story to life. So what kind of stories can we tell?

  • Parent(s) talking about their children
  • Siblings
  • Couple Love Stories
  • Wedding Love Stories (how you met and fell in love)
  • Quinceaneras
  • Son or Daughter talking about their parent or grandparent
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Survival stories (love for life)

The possibilities are endless. What’s your love story? Let us tell it.lets_talk_btn4

Featured Love Story: Corey’s Mom

You’ll tell your story and we’ll bring your words to life using animation!



We have to get your story on video or audio. If you’re in Southern California, we’ll come to you or you can come into our studio. If you are out of state, one of our approved audio/video experts will come to you.



Once we have your audio/video footage we’ll edit your story to make it flow. Cut out silence and UMMS and AAAHS. This is when the animation magic happens!



Your animated love story will be completed in approximately 2 weeks. We will then deliver your Hi Definition video digitally for you to download. You will now be ready to be share your animated love story and share it with the world.

Why an animated love story?

Remember the first day of school when your dad waited outside because he couldn’t say goodbye? How did you feel after your first kiss? What about the day your baby was born? Animation offers endless possibilities and allows us the freedom to bring memories to life.

Using animation and your voice, your video will be a personal account of your memories. It is our job to make your memories come to life though our animated story telling process.

Your story is special and unique and we will treat it as such. Our talented team of story tellers, editors and animators will bring your memories to life to share your love story. If you are ready to take the next step, click the button on this page and let’s move forward.

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